Saturday, December 4, 2010

Assemblage Art Clock

This assemblage clock was commissioned by a client as an anniversary gift. The client was referred to me by a long time friend. (I just LOVE the way connections come together!) The client gave me wonderful insights about the person the gift was for and I had a fantastic time deciding which pieces of information to incorporate into the clock!
I cut the little Airstream teardrop trailer out of tin, used a punch to create "rivets", a tire from a vintage toy car, and even made a little hubcap for the tire. Elements incorporated also included a full moon, tiny sandcrabs cast in resin to represent the Cancer birthsign, a map of the highway from Portland to Seattle (from a 1970s newspaper!) and child's blocks with their anniversary date on them.
The project was a real challenge, but once the idea of cutting out a trailer out of tin (after all, I am all about tin!), the rest just came together. Oh, and it's the couple's 10th anniversary which is represented by tin!

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